Concerned about Anti-Social Behaviour?

Bus Service

There were a number of changes in local bus services from 1 September 2020.  To summarise briefly:

The Felixstowe to Woodbridge services 173/174 will be taken over by First (from Ipswich Buses) and will be renumbered simply as 73. This is a part of its new ‘village link’ branding of a number of routes in this area;

  • There will be changes in the 73 route, specifically buses will no longer serve Faulkeners Way and go straight along High Road, and the route will be extended from the Grove Surgery in Felixstowe to Old Felixstowe, Western Avenue;
  • However, First’s service 76, which serves the Grove Surgery en route to Old Felixstowe, will be withdrawn, so the only buses serving Grove Surgery will be the 73 as above – operating 4 times a day at roughly 2 hourly intervals. This means that there will no longer be a direct bus from places such as the Hand in Hand to the surgery;
  • There will be an additional hourly bus to Landguard on service 77, running from Ipswich at the same time as the former 76. This will maintain 3 buses per hour through the Trimleys to and from Felixstowe.
  • You can see the timetable here Ipswich Reds Timetable

Concern about Dog Thefts

The police advice can be seen via this link:

Councillor Vacancies!

Are you 18 or over? Would you like to make a contribution to your village and add something a bit different to your CV at the same time? We currently have vacancies for two parish councillors.  To find out more about eligibility and how you could contribute in this interesting and varied role please email the parish clerk:

Boundary Commission Review

The Commission is carrying out an electoral review of Suffolk County Council.

The aim of the electoral review is to recommend division boundaries that mean each councillor represents approximately the same number of voters.

The aim is to ensure that the division boundaries reflect the interests and identities of local communities, as well as promoting effective local government.

To achieve these aims, the Commission need to re-draw division boundaries across Suffolk. You can find out more about the review on the Boundary Commission Website






White Lines

The Parish Council has been concerned about the loss of the centre white lines along Howlett Way.. The following explanation has been received from Suffolk County Council Highways:

"Suffolk Highways' policy is, following resurfacing/surface dressing, not to reinstate dashed centre lines on B, C and U classification roads.  Warning centre lines will be replaced. 

(For clarity, centre lines are those that have large gaps and short lines and warning centre lines small gaps and long lines - typically installed on the approach to obstacles such as traffic islands or at blind/steep bends).

 In Howlett Way, Trimley the warning centre lines on the approach to both roundabouts have been replaced as well as those associated with the pedestrian crossing point.  The centre lines between these has not been replaced. 

Non-replacement of centre lines at this location is in-line with the policy and their absence does not contribute to any safety concerns.  The decision also reduces future maintenance costs for replacement.  "