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Burglaries in Suffolk

The following information has been issued via Police Connect.  Since December, there have been more than 25 burglaries across Ipswich and the surrounding areas where a forced entry has been made.  Forcing a door or breaking glass in a patio door or window usually makes a noise and can take some time to do.  Please be alert to such noises and report anything suspicious to police on 999 immediately.

In order to reduce the risk of being a victim of such a crime, there are some steps you can take:

  • Deter access to the rear of the property by ensuring gates are locked and fences are in good repair.  Fence panels should be screwed into place and should be at least 1.8 (6ft) high.
  • Remove anything that could be used to facilitate entry to the rear garden such as wheelie bins stored at the front of the house.
  • Remove anything from outside that could be used to force entry such as bricks and garden tools.
  • Lock all doors at all times.  Multi-point locking/PVC doors need to be locked with the key as well as lifting the handle to be secure.
  • If you have a conservatory or porch, make sure you lock the internal doors and windows into the house as well as the external ones.  Always have a fire plan so you can get out quickly if you need to.
  • Remove keys from doors and windows and ensure they are not left within reach and sight.  Some burglaries have occurred when glazing has been smashed and the offender then reaches in to unlock the door to gain access. 
  • If you have an alarm, use it.  If you don’t, consider getting one fitted.  Contact www.nsi.org.uk 01628 637512 or www.ssaib.org 0191 296 3242 for details of local suppliers
  • Register your goods for free at www.immobilise.com  

A14 Roadworks

Highways England's maintenance programme on the A14 is expected to be completed on 19th/20th January.  Work on the westbound carriageway will begin on 22 January. The contractors, Osborne, have provided the following information: 

The westbound works will be carried out in two separate phases:

  • Junction 60 to 58 – 22 January to 23 February
  • Junction 58 to 55 – 26 February to 2 March

 Each section of the A14 will be closed on weeknights between 8pm and 6am with a signed diversion route.  We are aware of the disruption that has been caused to local residents by the diverted traffic and apologise in advance that this will continue while we complete these works. 

This programme of work is weather dependent, so the dates may change slightly.  For the latest information, please sign up to our weekly roadworks bulletin by emailing Area6Comms@osborne.co.uk with ‘subscribe’ in the subject field. 

    Help Plan the future of the District - Issues and Options Consultation

     The consultation document and other supporting information can be found through this link:


    The Parish Council's response can be seen here:  Response to Issues and Options Document

    In addition, the Parish Council contributed to a cross boundary group of parish councils which looked at the suggestion contained within the Issues and Options document that Innocence Farm should be considered for storage and distribution use. A copy of the response of that group can be seen here Cross Boundary Parish Council response on the Innocence Farm question

    Network Rail Plans

    Network Rail plan to make a start on preliminary works to the track later this year. This is possible in advance of the Public Enquiry in January as they already have permission covering the works which they have planned.  Alex Kirk of Network Rail attended the public session at the October Parish Council meeting to explain the plans. A copy of his presentation can be seen here:Felixstowe Branch Line

    Network Rail - (Felixstowe Branch Line - Level Crossing Closure Order) Public Enquiry - Update

    The Public Enquiry into this proposed order has been fixed to start at 10am on Tuesday 23 January 2018 at Ipswich Town Football Club.

    Network Rail Proposals - Statement of Case submitted prior to public enquiry

    A copy of the Parish Council's Statement of Case can be accessed via the following link. Thanks go to all those who completed a copy of the Parish Council's questionnaire the results of which are included in the statement. 

    Statement of Case

    NHS News - Flu

    The NHS has given us an update on protecting your health this winter by having a flu vaccination. This winter could be a particularly heavy flu season in the U.K.
    People in certain “at-risk” groups are entitled to a free flu vaccination from their GP practice. Follow the link for further information: NHS Update - Flu Vacination

    Innocence Farm

    The Parish Council has been working with the parish councils of Bucklesham, Kirton and Falkenham, Levington and Stratton Hall and Trimley St Mary to agree a combined response on Innocence Farm in relation to its inclusion in the Local Plan Issues and Options document. A copy of that agreed response document will shortly be posted here.

    At the beginning of 2017 the Parish Council was invited to comment on a request from the landowner for a scoping opinion in relation to the potential use of the Innocence Farm site for port related activities. A copy of the Parish Council’s response can be  found via the following link.

    Innocence Farm - Parish Council's Response to Scoping Opinion request